Their resumes read like novels. They have no love for the status quo. Their presence in the lab, the lecture hall or a patient’s bedside is unmistakable. They were brought to Memphis to build a better school of medicine. But rest assured, this team of explorers, legends, and rebel geniuses will not be content until they change everything…for the better.

"This is not an isolated educational institution. Impacting the community is not a mission. It is a mandate."

David Stern, MD, Vice Chancellor for Clinical Affairs, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Unless you are an aspiring physician, it may seem unimportant that some of the most talented, the most sought-after, and the most driven clinicians, researchers, and scholars have been assembled at the UT College of Medicine. However, even if you have never given more than a passing

thought to the history being made under the UT banner, you should know that every research initiative, every program, and every UT doctor is unconditionally committed to making a profound impact on the community we all call home.

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There is no lack of pain and suffering in the world.

However, it is pain and suffering that fuels the fire for all basic, clinical and translational research at the UT College of Medicine.

To confront a seemingly inexhaustible barrage of disease, illness, and trauma, we have gathered a team of explorers unwilling to wave a white flag of surrender and unwavering in their commitment to conquer misery and anguish.

The UT College of Medicine has evolved into a launch pad – a point of embarkation for these modern pioneers. Equipped with leading edge infrastructure and support, our researchers are harnessing scientific curiosity, passion, and genuine empathy, and directing these powerful forces toward cures and treatments. Once insurmountable obstacles are being overcome every day. History is happening at UT College of Medicine.

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Chances are you’ll never receive one-on-one investment advice from Buffett, forehand lessons from Serena or a private concert by Adele. The world just doesn’t work that way. But, the “way things have always been done” is not the way of UT College of Medicine.

We do not methodically recruit the brightest and the best only to lock their talent and experience away in some ivory tower. When not mentoring the next generation of compassionate caregivers, leading barrier-breaking research and fostering clinical innovation, these superstars of medicine can be found in the operating room or at the bedside of a patient in need.

Even after decades of training, untold miles of hospital hallways, countless journal contributions, keynote speeches and awards ceremonies, not to mention, more sleepless nights than you can shake an Erlenmeyer flask at, it is not title, status or continued fame that motivate our icons — it is the well-being of a single patient. (And yes, that includes you.)

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"Teaching, research, and patient care. These used to be called the triple threats of academic medicine. At UT College of Medicine, we added a fourth competence — community."

Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD, MB, BS, MSc, FRCP, FACP, FACE Professor in Translational Research, Professor of Medicine Chief of the Division of Endocrinology, UT College of Medicine

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With great need comes great responsibility. Memphis and Shelby County suffer under a cloud of health issues. We experience nearly 40% more cases of stroke than anywhere else in the nation. We have earned the title of “buckle” of both the stroke belt and the diabetes belt. 60% of our children who become involved with the justice system have diagnosable mental illnesses. 70% of them have experienced brain-changing trauma and 30% struggle with learning disabilities. Combine these sobering statistics with excessive rates of cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity and hypertension, and the cloud becomes even darker.

However, there is a silver lining — or more specifically, a bright orange lining.

From the banks of the mighty Mississippi River to the farthest points of West Tennessee, you will find UT College of Medicine embedded in virtually every medical setting. Beyond the extensive numbers of UT-trained physicians in our community, our assembled team of “outliers, disruptors, and superstars” is charged with not only, leading world-changing advances, but more importantly, lifting the cloud over Memphis and West Tennessee.

At the University of Tennessee, the number of diplomas handed out, patents earned or grants received does not define success. Real success is measured by the differences made in the lives of our neighbors.

Changing Medicine. Changing Memphis. It’s what we do.

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