we understand that the millions of dollars in grants, the hours in the lab and all the impassioned teaching and mentorship are meaningless unless each initiative we undertake translates into the well-being of a single patient. It all comes down to care.

Tiny Miracles

Mending the Broken Hearts of Babies is the Passion of Dr. Christopher Knott-Craig

UT Health Science Center professor and chief of pediatric cardiovascular surgery and co-director of Le Bonheur Children's Hospital HeHHeart Institute.

Moving like smoke, he glides through sterile corridors and eleveators. Producing a light breeze as he whizzes past other doctors. Dr. Christopher Knott-Craig gives quick nods of acknowledgement.

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In the War on Stroke, Dr. Andrei Alexandrov is Taking the Fight To the Streets.

The University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis, Tenn., today introduced the world’s most comprehensive Mobile Stroke Unit, capable of conducting and producing advanced quality imaging for stroke diagnosis and noninvasive CT-angiography with a Siemens SOMATOM® Scope CT scanner. This is the first time CT capabilities of this magnitude have been available in a mobile setting, creating the ability to diagnose and launch treatment including tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) treatment and the potent blood pressure drug nicardipine within the critical first hour time frame and select patients for endovascular interventions, neurosurgery and neuro-critical care directly from the prehospital arena.

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