Memphis is home. Period.

So, it should come as no surprise that the UT College of Medicine is overwhelmingly devoted to making Memphis and Shelby County a healthier place for our friends, our families, our neighbors and anyone we pass on the street.


Dr. Altha Stewart is Breaking the Cycle of Kids, Mental Health and the Justice System.

At least 60% of children in Shelby County who come in contact with the Juvenile Justice System have a mental disorder. "We're putting kids into jail instead of putting them into treatment." That's according to what researchers found during a two-year study in Tennessee which aimed to lower the number of kids in court.

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Out of the Lab and onto the Streets of Memphis with Dr. Samuel Dagogo-Jack.

Long before he became a well-known volunteer with the American Diabetes Association—before he led fund-raising events such as Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes®, before he served on the National Board of Directors—Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD, MBBS, MSc, FRCP, FACP, FACE, was involved in a different side of the Association: He was a research fellow as a postdoctoral student at Washington University in St. Louis. The young doctor was working happily in the lab when his mentor, Philip E. Cryer, MD, took him to a local ADA community board meeting. From that moment, Dagogo-Jack was hooked on volunteering.

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